These Crabby Mosaics Will Do in a Pinch

These Crabby Mosaics Will Do in a Pinch

Depending on which source you research, there are somewhere around 6700 species of crabs in the world. Some live in freshwater and never see the ocean, while ghost crabs live in the sand. A crab looks a bit like a sea spider with ten legs, except for the two pinchers on its front legs. Entertaining to watch because of their sideways walk, they move fast and sometimes cover ample ground by leaping.

Softshell, stone crab, snow crab, and Maryland Blue Crabs rank among the most popular crabs for consumption. Since it takes between 7 and 9 years to grow sizeable enough to eat them, they are not plentiful, which explains why the menu in restaurants usually specifies “market priced.”

Unfortunately, crabs get bad press. They are often used in cartoons to depict sour dispositions of crabby older adults or people who are irritated and annoyed. Often when we see people in a cranky mood or grumpy, we call them crabby because they leave you feeling a little pinched.

Happily, that is not the case with our Blue Water Pool Crab Mosaics. As with natural crabs, our mosaics are stunning, and when installed in the pool, they appear to be moving with the rippling water.

Did you know on Christmas Island in Australia, the red crabs make their annual trips from the rainforests to the ocean, where they breed and lay their eggs? Possibly the most fascinating of all migrations, nearly 50 million crabs breed during the spring tides, and if you watch your step, you can walk among the crabs; it gives a whole new meaning to “walking the red carpet.”

While our mosaics do not include 50 million crabs, you can install them in your pool and walk among your own crabs. And why not? There are numerous ways to enjoy these nautical works of art.

In the Pool

Mosaics in the pool are sturdy and last a long time. Because of the creative designs, pool mosaics offer you aesthetic delight while increasing the value of your home.

While they add visual appeal, mosaics are easy to clean and maintain and provide a reflection that brings a sophisticated luxury to an otherwise typical body of water.

In the Kitchen

What better place to add a crab mosaic than in the kitchen? On the backsplash, your cooking will seem like an ocean breeze as you stir, chop, and prepare your favorite seafood. It’s easy to wipe off, so you’ll have no more worries about those splatters that once made your cooking station appear worn and splotchy.

After you cut the lemon and melt the butter, don’t forget to add a pinch of salt to go with your crab. Sit yourself down at the table and prepare to dig into your next crab boil with your family and guests in the backdrop of a stunning mosaic.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics arrive at your home ready for easy installation. If you are considering updating your look, then your search is over. Bon Appetit!

Of course, applying mosaics to your walls is not always the plan; if so, you can add them to your floor. Either way will get you the ambiance you desire.

In the Bathroom and Guest Room

Blue Pool Water Mosaics add a perfect touch to your bathtime ritual. Bring the beach to your tub, minus the sand. Whether adding them to your basin wall or the walls of your shower, you will enjoy your “you time” so much more.

Your style naturally shines when you add our mosaics to your guest room. Imagine opening your guest quarters for the first time to a family member or friend and seeing their eyes pop out!

When you include Blue Water Pool Mosaics in your home decor, you make a statement about yourself and the things you value. How fun it is to invite company over and have them ask to use your washroom, knowing you’ve decorated in a unique way they won’t see anywhere else.

Of course, they can order their own mosaics, so please be nice enough to share your source when they rave about yours!

There are all kinds of reasons to decorate with mosaics. Maybe you’ve been to a museum and seen some of the artistic images. Perhaps you came home from a vacation, and a crab mosaic offers you memorabilia to remind you of that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Whatever the reason, Blue Water Pool Mosaics has the most beautiful mosaics in the industry. Our colors and designs are magical. Give us a call today and explore the incredible possibilities of transforming your decor. You’ll find our crab mosaics in the pool, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom and guest room to be anything but crabby.

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