Tips for Designing the Perfect Spa With Mosaics

As you’re designing your spa, you’re likely focusing on features that can help people relax and destress. The aesthetics of your spa can play a big role in this. One way to create a unique spa is with mosaic tiles. Mosaic spa tiles add color and texture to your spa design. They come in a variety of colors and designs, letting you add a creative and fun touch to your spa. Here are some tips for incorporating mosaics into your spa design.

Mosaic Materials

When choosing mosaic tiles, make sure you use materials that are able to handle moisture and are easy to clean. Ceramic and glass are both common options, and glass, in particular, is quick and easy to clean. You should also think about safety. In areas where the floor is likely to get wet, choose tiles that are non-slip to prevent any accidents.

Make a Dramatic Entrance

People want to leave their life stresses behind when they go to the spa. By creating a beautiful entryway with mosaics, you can help people begin to relax from the moment they step in the door. Try using plants and colorful designs. Mosaics can also add a touch of whimsy. For example, fun designs such as mermaids romping with dolphins will make you smile even after a stressful day. For a more sophisticated look, try a calming two-tone pallet to create geometric designs.

Engage Your Senses

As people move from your entryway into the interior of your spa, you want to awaken their senses with the atmosphere. Try using texture to make your design pop. Textured glass, metals, and mosaic tiles are all great ways to add a unique touch to your spa.

Color also plays a major role in the atmosphere of your spa. Use colors that encourage a happy, relaxed feeling. Bright colors such as yellow and green add a happy feeling, while blue is a relaxing color. Light colors, in general, will make a room feel more open.

Mosaic Tile Design

There are countless different ways you can use mosaic spa tiles to create a breathtaking design. Abstract art is beautiful to look at, especially when displayed using mosaic tiles. Try using geometric shapes to create a powerful and eye-catching design.

You can also use mosaic tiles shaped like different flora or fauna to create a whole natural world. Think about a family of turtles swimming by or a coral reef teeming with fish. You can also go with a garden theme and include butterflies and flowers.

Mosaic spa tiles are an excellent way to create a unique spa design that will keep people coming back. If you’re interested in adding mosaic tiles to your spa design, contact Blue Water Pool Mosaics. We have the largest selection of ceramic and glass mosaic tiles anywhere! Family owned since 1981, we are glad to help you design your spa. You can also check out our website for inspirations for your spa design.

May 12, 2022 | Blue Water Pool Mosaics

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