Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish

Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish

Do you want to bring the feel of the beach to your backyard? While you might not be able to fill your yard with sand or bring the smell of saltwater to your home, adding starfish mosaics to your pool, kitchen, or bathroom backsplash might be the answer you’re looking for! Fortunately, Blue Water Pool Mosaics has plenty of options to choose from (just like starfish, which have over 2,000 species!).

What Is a Mosaic?

First and foremost, what exactly is a mosaic? And can they be customized? A mosaic is a pattern or image that is made from different colored pieces of ceramic, porcelain, or glass. These tiles come in various shapes and sizes. And yes, they can be customized! You can get a mosaic of any image you’d like and in any color, so you can add your own unique touch to your home.

Why You Should Add Mosaics to Your Home

Adding mosaics to any part of your home can create a unique accent that your home may not have otherwise. While adding nautical-themed mosaics to your pool can help bring a bit of the shore to your poolside, the pool is not the only place you could add a starfish mosaic. Perhaps you want to add a pattern to your kitchen that brings out visions of the sea. Maybe you want to spice up your living room with a cool aquatic vibe. Maybe you have a shore house where you want to feel like you’re living on the beach itself. Or maybe you just really like starfish – like us!

The reasons for utilizing mosaics for decoration are endless, especially when considering the many patterns and colors available based on what you may be looking for. However, you’ll find an added benefit in adding one to your home: mosaics can prevent moisture build-up in your floors and walls (which can lead to mold). Furthermore, they preserve the integrity of your home, as mosaics commonly last for a minimum of 50 years.

The Benefits of Using Mosaics

A mosaic tile is an excellent option with which to decorate your home. One of the advantages of using mosaics is that they are resistant to mold, mildew, and stains. In most cases, to clean mosaic tile, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Soap scum can build up, but can easily be cleaned with a mild vinegar solution.

Mosaic tiles are also extremely water-resistant. Glass doesn’t absorb water, so it’s an excellent option for backyards and pools. While porcelain does absorb water, it’s not much. Porcelain only has a 0.5% water absorption rate. Porcelain is a great option for a mosaic because it retains its color for an incredibly long time — which, when exposed to heat and the sun, is a bo

Adding a starfish mosaic to your home or pool can do a lot more than adding a nautical theme to your residence. Starfish are more than just incredible sea creatures; they also have symbolism attached to them.

Did you know that the starfish is seen as a celestial symbol, representing love, guidance, vigilance, inspiration, and intuition? Starfish are symbolic of individuality and doing things your own way while being able to trust your instincts to chase after your own goals and dreams. Why wouldn’t you want something symbolic of all of that hanging in your home?

Lessons We Can Learn From Starfish

Photo by Mike Kenneally

While starfish do carry a lot of symbolism, their biology is also inspiring. First, did you know that starfish can regrow their limbs? This is because the majority of a starfish’s vital organs are in its arms. They also live everywhere. Whether you’re taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or sailing the Mediterranean, you can guarantee that a starfish is nearby.

So why do these fun facts matter? They remind us how to adapt to the challenges of life. While many of us would hate to lose a limb, a starfish looks at it as a necessary means for reproduction and survival. In many ways, we can adopt this philosophy to realize that the things that we’re holding onto may actually be the very things that are weighing us down.

The second lesson has to do with adaptability. Change is never comfortable and adapting can seem challenging and overwhelming — especially if the change is significant. Starfish can thrive in a variety of different environments. The Atlantic Ocean differs from the Pacific, but starfish live in both. This reaffirms that change isn’t always a bad thing. And even though we may not realize it, we’re capable of adapting to whatever life throws at us just like the beautiful starfish — which technically isn’t a fish; it’s a sea star.

How Can You Add A Starfish Mosaic To Your Home?

Just like the starfish, Blue Water Pool Mosaics has a variety of different mosaic designs available. We can help you add a touch of the shore to your home with starfish mosaics. Contact us for a quote and we will walk you through the process of not only choosing the right mosaic for your project, but installing it in your home. Get your mosaic project started today!

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