What Is the Best Tile for Your Pool?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Are you looking into adding tiles to your pool? Are you having trouble deciding what is the best tile material for your pool? Pool tiles add an immediate sense of style to your entire swimming pool area. Tiles are installed either below or above the waterline on the walls of your pool. However, there are some tile designs that are better suited to being underwater. The most common types of pool tiles include ceramic and glass mosaics. Each offers their own benefits, especially for certain types of pool and outdoor spaces. Here are a few tips on choosing the best tile for your pool. After you choose your desired style, visit Blue Water Pool Mosaics to get them today.

Ceramic Mosaics

Ceramic is a staple choice when it comes to adding a new style to your pool. Ceramic tiles are best used on vertical surfaces. There is sometimes the choice between glossy and cracked glaze ceramic tiles. Cracked glaze ceramic tends to allow the moisture in, which doesn’t make it ideal for underwater designs. Allowing moisture in can also cause stains that are nearly impossible to remove. Ceramic often comes in hand-painted styles or can be made into mosaics. Choosing glossy ceramic gives you a beautiful design without letting water seep in.

Glass Mosaics

Glass is nonporous which makes it the perfect material for underwater pool mosaics. Mosaics can be on the bottom of the pool, on the walls, or both. No matter where you put your glass mosaics, they create a beautiful design. The small nature of glass tiles allows pool designers to mix and match different colors of glass to create a custom look. Also, using smaller ones around the rim of your swimming pool can help prevent slips. The extra grout required to set the smaller tiles provides extra grip to slippery, wet tiles. Glass mosaics glimmers in the sun while providing durability to last years to come.

When it comes to choosing tiles for your pool, it’s important to know your options. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are both classic, durable choices for creating pool mosaics. Picking the right choice depends on your personal preference and pool design goals. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we provide an extensive variety of pool tiles. We have both ceramic and glass tiles to help achieve your outdoor oasis dream. To see our selection, visit Blue Water Pool Mosaics today or contact us at 800-794-5586.


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