Why Choose Pool Mosaics

Are you thinking about installing a new inground pool? What type of base are you thinking of using? Concrete? Ceramic? Glass? Installing an inground pool can provide exercise, relaxation, and family entertainment. However, these are not the only benefits. An inground pool is also a great way to add a focal point to your backyard. Not only is a pool a functional piece for your yard, it can also be an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork when you make use of pool mosaics.

What are Pool Mosaics?

A pool mosaic uses ceramic tiles, glass tiles, or tumbled pieces of stone to create an image or pattern for your pool walls and floor. These designs can be custom made to fit the size and shape of your pool. If you are not interested in using pool mosaics for your entire pool surface, you can also choose to use mosaics as focal points or accents for your plastered pool surface.

Choosing Pool Mosaics

There are many benefits to pool mosaics. They look great and can be custom designed to fit the style of the homeowner. One of the more popular pool mosaic materials is glass. Not only is glass tile beautiful, it is also easy to clean and maintain. More people are choosing glass over ceramic tiles for their pool surfaces, water features, and spas. These glass tiles offer a wider variety of colors and can include visual effects that are not available with ceramic tiles. For example, crystal, gold, and pearl visual effects can add a layer of beauty to your pool that is not available in any other type of pool surface.

Increased Value

Another great benefit of using pool mosaics for your pool surface is the increased value of your property. If you choose a glass mosaic for the surface of your pool, you will have a work of art which will add to the resale value of your home. This added resale value will more than make up for the cost of installation.


Another important benefit of a pool surface made from tiles is ease of cleaning and maintenance. If you choose glass tile, the glass will be highly resistant to mold, mildew, and the chemicals that you use to maintain your pool. Moreover, if you begin to see a less than pristine edge at the water level, clean up is simple. All you need is some mild alkaline cleaner, and, with wipe around the edge, it will be good as new.

Pool mosaics are an excellent way to beautify your pool and take it to the next level. Whether you’re building a new pool or refinishing your current one, Blue Water Pool Mosaics can help you. If you need expert advice, contact us today at 855-982-9025 or [email protected].

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