Would A Dolphin Mosaic Work For Your Pool?

Have you ever wanted to swim with the dolphins? If so, you are not alone. People travel hundreds of miles to engage with these amazing creatures of the sea. If you’ve never put this on your bucket list, you may be asking, “Why? What’s the attraction of swimming with dolphins?”

There’s a lot to love about dolphins – it’s all about connection.

Camaraderie Connection

The connection between humans and dolphins is a strong one. Both are social in nature. Obviously, like any other living being, there are loners. But typically, dolphins are group-oriented, coexisting in pods consisting of anywhere from 2-30 dolphins, and are even known to populate in super pods up to several thousand dolphins known as gatherings.

Camaraderie appears to be important to the dolphin, indicated by the way the smaller pods work as a team, often protecting each other from predators.

In addition to a friendly face, one of the most fascinating of all features is the dolphin’s language. They have their own verbiage but clearly understand each other. Clicks, whistles, and quacks are some of the descriptions of dolphins’ native tongue. You can hear them calling to each other, and it might even sound like they are laughing.

Frisky and entertaining, these natural performers can jump up to 15 feet in the air, delighting any spectator who is lucky enough to catch them at play. In fact, some cultures consider a dolphin sighting to be a good omen. Since they often swim in circles, there’s no shortage of artwork that depicts their flirtatiousness.

It is safe to say that being around a dolphin is captivating. How could you not be drawn to the peaceful swirl of dolphins and notice how they synchronize in perfect tandem with each other? Perhaps it’s wise to take a lesson here.

Spiritual Connection

Some people believe that everyone has a spirit animal, and maybe even more than one. Spirit animals, or spiritual helpers, are those that watch out for a person along life’s journey, intervening on our behalf. It can present itself in the form of a sighting, a dream, or even written material.

Each spirit animal has a specific meaning. While a snake represents healing, an owl represents wisdom and knowledge, thus the saying “wise old owl.” While a horse represents inner strength, perseverance, and integrity, a wolf can show itself when you feel threatened.

Spirit animals have long taken center stage in the movies, such as Disney’s “Spirit,” “The Lion King, ” and “Bambi,” and on television series such as “Flipper.” For those unfamiliar with this concept, there are even quizzes you can take to help you identify your spirit animal.

Is it any wonder, then, that some identify their spirit as the dolphin? It should come as no surprise, given what we know about these charming sea creatures. Believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals, dolphins represent balance and rhythm.

Perhaps you’ve gotten so bogged down with work and stress that you’ve lost your humor and happiness. If a dolphin is your spirit animal, it might come to you when you least expect it; popping up out of the ocean, as a pool toy, a stuffed animal, on a tote bag, a t-shirt, as a necklace, or even a ring or earrings. When you need to see your spirit animal you won’t need to look for it. You will see it because it sees you.

Therapeutic Connection

Perhaps in ways unknown, dolphins have a way of seeing into our souls. Dolphins have long been associated with therapy as a way of easing depression and assisting individuals with neurological impairments and cognitive delays such as Down syndrome and autism, among others. This sort of life-enhancing therapy has gained popularity since its inception in the 1960s. It should come as no surprise that dolphins would be used as art therapy as well.

Artistic Connection

No doubt about it, dolphin art is big business. Visit any beachfront souvenir store, and you are likely to walk out with a t-shirt sporting a dolphin. Just as the color blue is associated with relaxation, you often see dolphins depicted in blue in all kinds of forms: wallpaper, sheets, concrete, stained glass, and – you guessed it – mosaics.

Mosaic Connection

It’s no secret that art can move us in unexpected ways, and mosaic has its place at the table. Consider the individual who struggles with mental health issues. Now contemplate how fragile, broken, fragmented that person is, and how all they want is to feel whole again.

Mosaics can be constructed of pieces of broken china, dishes, plates, pottery, torn paper, glass. The art of taking the broken and making it fit – somehow making it make sense. That’s mosaic. You don’t have to be a great artist to create a mosaic; anyone can do it.

You can find mosaics on tree stumps, walkways, stepping stones, hanging beads, and the wings of garden angels.

So if dolphins are spirit animals, and mosaics are art, and if art can help people mend the broken pieces, then how much can a dolphin mosaic do for your pool? Some people travel hundreds of miles (or more) to swim with the dolphins for that endorphin-like feeling. What if all you have to do is travel to the pool in your own backyard? How refreshing and restoring would that be?

Quite a bit.

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we know just what a gift it is to be able to slip into the calming waters, and how the therapeutic art of dolphin mosaics can soothe the weary. Just as dolphins communicate with their own language of chirps, squawks, buzzing, squeals, whistles, and clicks, mosaics communicate with us as well. We are meant to be whole.

Why not take a few minutes and surf the pages of our online selections? Then give us a call today. Your spirit animal – your spirit dolphin – your spirit mosaic – your dolphin connection is only a click away.

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