Your Pool, Your Way

Your Pool, Your Way

What do you get when you mix mosaic borders tiles with your imagination? You happen! Your artistic expression never had it so good on a backsplash, floor, bathroom wall, or floor.

Deco tile mosaics are the ultimate in luxury and creativity. If you’ve ever made it to the hotel after a long day of travel, put on your suit because you couldn’t wait to get to the pool, and stepped into the pool, then you understand. 

Your nirvana is the blue water, framed by mosaic tiles reflecting the sun and the renewal. Oh, the renewal.

But what if you can’t take that vacation? What if we told you that you could have your oasis in your backyard anytime you wanted for the price of that plane ticket and hotel? You might not be so quick to mark your calendar – not when you can step outside your back door to your own luxury resort.

All you need is mosaic borders and deco art arranged your way. Blue Water Pool Mosaics has just the thing.

Blue Copper Blend (Venetian Series)

One of our most popular picks! And for good reason: it’s simple yet lends itself to a host of applications. You’ll love how the colors blend into each other.

Line the side of your pool or your patio table. Gaze at the blue tiles, and marvel at the different patterns on each small square that connects to another square. Sometimes the differentness is just what we need to show our unique beauty.

Sophistication is a good word for the sleek lines and style you’ll enjoy with the Blue Copper Blend’s glass tiles lining your steps. Funny how the less fussy the design, the more artistic it is. You won’t need to brag about this one; it speaks for itself. 

Oh, did we mention it’s 100% frostproof? So no need to worry about winter damage.

Caribbean Blue (Watercolors Series)

The brick-like shaping of the Caribbean Blue Water Color Series brings the sea to you. With lines that mimic the horizon and different hues of blue, you’ll think you’re in the Bahamas, watching where the water’s edge meets the sky. 

You won’t just watch the sunset while on vacation; you’ll see it every day in your backyard. “Calming” and “relaxing” are the words that come to mind when describing these mosaic borders. 

Your pool will never be the same, and neither will your shower when you transform it into a spa with glass tiles. When you think of the islands that lend themselves perfectly to watercolor mosaics, stunning beaches and scuba diving come to mind.  

So what if the Caribbean is out of reach (at least for now)? That doesn’t mean you can’t work on your tan, and a pool lined with the watercolor series is the upgrade you need. Bring your beach towels, spread out on your chaise lounge, and sip a mojito as you unwind and decompress.

Mosaic Borders with the Black (Twilight Series)

mosaic borders

This Black (Twilight Series) is for those who like a little drama. Not one color, not two, but a plethora of shades layered for glamming it up. 

Your kitchen and wet bar are perfect spots for the Twilight Series. If deco could make a statement, this is it. 

Mosaics are as individual as you are, and Blue Water Pool Mosaics agrees that your pool is your best canvas. There are no dividing lines here, just lines that join one and then the next.

When the water ripples and the glare dances on the water, there’s no need to adjust your sunglasses; you’re not seeing things. It’s artistry in motion, begging you to indulge in a fresh and colorful start.

Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity, because every day is an opportunity to spice up your life.

Listen, we all get stuck in a rut now and then. It’s been a rough couple of years, and we’ve all become somewhat isolated, wondering if it would ever get better. 

Maybe you’re thinking that adding a mosaic to your pool (or your home) would be crazy with the limited number of workers right now. How could any of us do something so out of the norm with the uncertainty? 

Let’s go back for a moment, though. The time to do something a little wild is now. And why not? It could remind us all that we are still alive, that we are still here.

Jump In! Go ahead, stand at the deep end of the pool. Look around and bask in the deco art.

Give Blue Water Pool Mosaics a call today, and let us show you how you can transform your pool into an uncommon masterpiece.

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