Get Your Neighbors Talking with Custom Pool Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Do you want to bring a unique look to your home? Pool mosaics are a great design choice for any home. They come in a variety of design complexities to fit anyone’s tastes. Mosaics can be used for both interior and exterior use. They are the perfect aesthetic addition to make your home stand out amongst the rest. Here are a few ways to get your neighbors talking with custom pool mosaics.

Bottom of Pool Designs

A classic place to put pool mosaic tiles is at the bottom of your pool. There is so much room at the bottom to create large, intricate designs or a single large piece. This is where you can go big with your pool mosaic tile designs. You can create a coral reef full of sea turtles, fishes, and plant life, a group of swimming dolphins, or whatever else you can think of. The options when it comes to pool mosaic tiles are only limited to what you can dream up.

Wall Schemes

Another great place to put your pool mosaic tiles is on the walls of your pool. There are countless design and pattern options to choose from when it comes to pool wall mosaics. You could go for a repeating pattern of glass mosaic tiles that create a classic look or maybe go for intricate sea life pieces. The choice is up to you on how to make your pool mosaic tiles unique.

Interior Accents

A unique way to use pool mosaic tiles is to take them outside of the pool. Finding areas inside your home to accent with mosaics can be an interior design game changer. Mosaic tiles can be installed above your kitchen sink or stovetop, in your bathroom, or anywhere else you can dream up. An intricate pool mosaic in your home is a perfect talking point to impress your neighbors.

There are so many ways to make both your home and pool unique with pool mosaic tiles. Between having a beautiful piece in your kitchen to a large design scheme on the bottom of your pool, mosaic pool tiles will definitely get your neighbors talking. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we want to make your space unique with our pool mosaic tiles. We offer a huge choice of mosaic designs as well as custom mosaics. To learn more about Blue Water Pool Mosaics, contact us today at (800)794-5586.